Keep it clean and simple

Debts have always been a bit unorganized. Whether we lend or borrow money, books, stuff; it's mostly in our minds, and the chances of slippage are high. Let's try and make it better by using our simple and easy to use system.

Keep track of money you have lent out, using and you wouldn't have to worry about forgetting it, or the awkward situation of asking your friend to return back the money. We would regularly keep reminding your friend to pay off his/her debt based on your settings. Here is how it works:

Additionally, you may also want to keep track of the amount/items that you may have borrowed from others. Add entries for them and we will keep reminding you about them. Once paid back, mark the entries as settled.

Yes, it's that intuitive, clean and simple. You will never again get into the awkward situation of asking back for your money, or someone else reminding you to pay back.

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