About usUntil a few months back, we were just normal people busy in day-to-day chores. Then one day, the basic question dawned upon us - Why are we here? And the answer was - BillBaba.com

Jokes apart, I hope you get the point :)

We are fun loving people, with a deep rooted love for technology and more than that, the love for problem solving. We spent some time listing down the problems that irked us the most, and then finally froze on this.

Bill payments have always been a pain point, with no centralized system. Everyone of us has been into forgetting due dates, late payments, last minute sprints and God knows what. So we are here to take on this problem head-on.

What we currently are:

Currently we aggregate all your bill payment information at one place. You can set reminders for your bill payments, maintain your payment history and analyze your spendings. Additionally, you can set financial goals and keep track of your lendings/borrowings.

We wouldn't just remind you, but we just wouldn't let you forget. We send you reminders on facebook, email and sms. Don't worry, we are not into spamming business, and you can control every aspect of your reminders.

What we aim to be:

We aim to be a one stop shop for all you bill payment related problems. We are working towards enabling all sorts of bill payments through our website.

The larger vision being: You get all your bills at one place and at the end of the month, you just authorize the total amount due, and we take care of the rest. It's got to be as simple as that. You would just forget that all those bills even existed :)

Remember that you are an asset to us, and it will not be possible without your support. So what are you waiting for? Get started NOW...!!!