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Are you preoccupied with bill payments and due dates? Have you always thought about saving for your dreams, but somehow miss on it? Do you sometimes forget to pay back money you have borrowed, or find it awkward to ask back for money that you have lent out? is here to help. It's about organizing your life better:

  • Set reminders for anything and everything, and receive alerts via sms, email and facebook
  • Record all your payments, and keep track of all your bill payment related information in one place
  • Analyze your spendings, and be quick to spot overspendings
  • Start saving for your dreams by creating financial goals, and we would help you remember them
  • Keep track of money you have lent out, and send auto reminders to friends for repayment
  • Keep a record of money you have borrowed and remind yourself to pay back in time
  • Leverage the power of community, and help each other in paying bills

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